CD's of Larry Kucharz

CD's of Larry Kucharz

CD’s by Larry Kucharz

International Audiochrome, Inc.

catalog of CD’s by Larry Kucharz 


Larry Kucharz is a classical minimalist composer whose work often falls into ambient and electronica genres.   His minimalist use of loops has also led him in the direction of Techno and IDM with his CD’s  IA30  IA32  IA34  IA37 and IA42


CD’s by Larry Kucharz on International Audiochrome, Inc.:


IA41 pastels 

ambient electronica


IA40 Blue Drawings and Text 

ambient electronica adn works with words


IA39 Electro Engravings

ambient electronica


IA38 ambient green washes

ambient electronica


IA37 Bridge Mix 37  

Electronica for Listening


IA36    ambient red washes 

ambient electronica


IA35    ambient blue washes 

ambient electronica


IA34 Techno Unit 34:assorted tracks   

progressive IDM  tracks                                                                                                                                                                        

IA33 CyberChoralColors 

  the fifth CD in the "ElectroChoral" series of ambient fugal works


IA32 Techno Unit 32: Misc. Tracks  

techno, dub, house, d&b, hardcore and minimal techno and progressive classical tracks

IA31 ComputerChoral Green Prints  

the fourth CD in the "ElectroChoral" series of ambient works


IA30 Techno Unit 30: audiochrome  

detroit techno/electronica  


IA29 DigiChoral Blue Portraits  

digital ambient chorales and fugal  music     


IA28    unit 28:blue motion 

fast minimal  classical computer music 


IA27 Electrochoral  Dreams 

the sequel to Metachoral Visions electric chorales,   digital  counterpoint 


IA26 Metachoral Visions 

mystical computerized choral e-music enigmatic harmonies, electronic counterpoint


IA25    unit 25: DARK RED 

beyond ambient,... beyond new age,...  where electronic, space and classical music converge 

IA24    Harmonic Luminosity  minimal ethereal ambient e-music

IA23    unit 23 

hard edge electronic computer minimalism with “electronic orchestrations” of his early NY minimalist works 


IA22    unit 22:red motion  

special edition of minimal computer works

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